In Building Wireless Systems

Total Communication can install a system that allows our clients to have full cell phone coverage where otherwise they would not. With the installation of antennas we can assure that you can will have cell phone coverage where you need it.

Network Auditing

As time goes by and technology advances our needs change. Total Communication can analyze your network, suggest any changes that might be needed, and install whatever equipment will allow you to work faster and smarter. By doing this it also allows you to save on your bottom line.

Security Systems

Security is important to everyone. Total Communication can design and install a complete system whether it be for the residential client, or a major corporate client. We can offer monitoring, sensors, and cameras as sophisticated as the client prefers. We can even install a system that allows you to view your property in real time on the internet.

Video Systems

Video Systems arent just for work anymore. Many homeowners look for a quality video system in their home. Total Communication can design a system for the person that just wants to enjoy a great movie experience at home, or a large company that requires quality presentation to market their ideas.

Paging Systems

Paging Systems perform a valuable service to many different companies and institutions. Schools, airports, hospitals, and confinement centers are just a few that rely on a user friendly Paging System. Total Communication has the ability to assess a clients needs, and design them a system that will be their best fit.

Wireless Technologies

Many residential and corporate clients prefer wireless technologies for their network needs. This allows them the freedom of movement while still maintaining connectivity to their networks and the internet. The security of Wireless Technologies has greatly improved over time.

Fiber Optics

We can install Fiber Optics for an indoor or outdoor plant. Fiber Optics are widely used in communications which permits transmission over longer distances and at a higher bandwidth than other forms of communication. This application is valuable when communication between buildings is required.

Data Cabling

Total Communications staff has over 50 years of combined experience in the installation of Data Cabling. We can deliver a complete Turn Key system no matter the size or number of users. We install our cables according to NEC codes, and the standards set forth by BICSI.

Voice Cabling

Total Communication Group can install voice cabling to accommodate all of our clients needs from large to small. Cat. 3 , Cat. 5e, & Cat.6 cabling are all utilized according to meet our clients requirements. Our technicians are also knowledgeable and experienced in the installation of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).